Saturday, August 6, 2016


It's been over three long months since our last outing in the camper which marks the longest duration without camping we have endured since owning it. The main reason for this break is that our van was pretty much un-driveable. I originally thought the engine was in need of replacement but after some care from my knowledgeable friend, we were back on the road. Here is a shot of our beloved van with our new Rocky Mountain Westy stainless exhaust which looks and sounds great.
All of our camping trips involve a bit of preparation work so this time I gave her a nice coat of wax with some assistance from my little helper.
Although she mainly sat in the back watching cartoons.
Not knowing how well the van would run, we decided on someplace close by and without much elevation change. Yucaipa Regional Park has panoramic views of the San Bernardino Mountains and offers a wide range of outdoor recreational activities. Here are some shots of our campsite.

One of the main reasons we decided to come to this park was due to the mountain fresh water swimming lagoon but quickly found out that they close it when it reaches capacity so we had to find other ways to keep cool and entertain ourselves. It's a good thing we had some shade and a bucket-o-water!

Brooke worked hard on keeping up with her potty training - hooray!!!
It was definitely very hot well into the evening but eventually cooled off enough to get a pretty good sleep. Brooke even got a little better at not hogging the entire bed.
With a new day, we could now walk down to the swim lagoon.

It opened at 10am so we made sure to be early but still surprised at the line-up to get in.
Beautiful, cool, fresh water with a sand beach and plenty of shade greeted us. The pool is lined in cement and was around 6 foot deep in the center. I paid an extra $5 to ride the water slides which were lots of fun.
Yucaipa is a little more than we usually pay ($40 per night with full hook-up) but the fun time we had swimming was worth it in the end.