Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Blackstar Campout 2015

Living in California affords us the opportunity to attend some very large VW events and we were lucky to be able go to the 5 day Blackstar Campout. The crowd caters more to the older VW Bus and Beetle community but we were still welcomed in our "newer" Vanagon.

Preparing for a 5 day camping event is quite an ordeal in itself. We had to figure out the proper amount of food, drinks, clothing, bedding, toys, and this time we even brought our bicycles.
Here is a shot of our propane fridge filled, which if done properly, is an art form in itself.
Although we have added an electric compressor fridge, I am still a big fan of our 30+ year old Dometic running off propane. I hear others complain about the cooling power but here is a shot of ours nice and frosty after a few days use in 90 degree heat. On a side note, the last time we filled the 3 gallon propane tank was over 6 months ago which included several other camping trips and plenty of cooking so it's inexpensive to run as well.
We arrived early after a short drive and had our choice of spots so decided the shade from our nearby tree would do well.
This trip we purchased a new bike trailer for Brooke to ride in but found that she didn't enjoy being in it by herself. The good news is that she loved riding in it with mom (although we exceeded the 80lb limit), the bad news is that I had to do all the pedaling.
With our newfound mobility it was time to explore this amazing park. First we checked out the other VW's.

An extremely rare Hebmuller - I have only seen pictures previously so it was nice to see one in person.
Followed by some recharge time.

With all that energy, it was time to play.

 Brooke met some new friends as always.

Despite all the excitement and heat, Brooke was still able to get some quality nap time in.

Having attended this show last year we were aware that the park was infested with ants. Probably not the best option for the environment but we were able to hold off the invasion with some Comet around the tires along with a little bug spray. You can also see the "Slow Moving Vehicle" early Fathers Day present attached to the back.
The great part of this campout is the El Prado show that happens on the final day right by the campground. We saw some of the finest VW's around.

The VW community lives strong in California and we consider ourselves lucky to be able to partake in the activities and sights offered. Our final shot before leaving overlooking the lake and show in the background.