Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Lake Piru....take 2

We have always attempted to visit a new campground or area every time we camp but made an exception and visited Lake Piru again for our latest experience. The main reason being it is only 50 miles and an easy 1 hour drive away, the other was to take advantage of the last few days of their winter rates.

We arrived when it was dark after an uneventful and easy drive so went to sleep in the first campsite we found. The sun and birds chirping in the morning woke us up and Brooke was more than happy to have some delicious breakfast with mom.
Watching one of Brooke's favourite movies, can you guess what it is? I think we know it by heart now.
One of the things we remembered about this campground was the abundance of wildlife so these two guys were a nice addition to see right beside our van.
The park was practically empty which gave us our choice of prime spots and scoped out this beauty to spend the rest of our weekend.

A perfect spot with just the right amount of shade but plenty of sunshine to power the solar panel.

After a busy morning, Brooke was ready for her nap....this also meant a nice break for mom and dad.
It was well into the 90's but we found a nice reprieve under the trees. Here was our shaded view from behind the camper while we read and snacked on Cheetos.
It turned out to be quite a hot day so we headed down to the lake to cool off by the water.

I happened to come across the best Vanagon shirts I have seen so far and forwarded the link to my wife. She ended up getting one for us both so here is a family shot of us totally geeking out! The things my wife does for me still astounds me....
You know it's a good camping trip when your daughter scrapes her knees and has dirt all over her mouth. I'm also aiming for parent of the year after hitting her in the head with a Frisbee.....she's okay by the way.
A night shot before bedtime which is early when you have a 1 year old.
Another great camping trip complete, here are some parting shots before and as we left beautiful Lake Piru.