Thursday, February 19, 2015

South Carlsbad State Beach

Located approximately 50 km's north of downtown San Diego, South Carlsbad State Beach has been referred to as "The Village by the sea" and is our latest camping experience. Google states the drive should take just over 1.5 hours so I figured on a 3 hour trip in the Vanagon which turned out to be spot on! Although we arrived on a Monday and it wasn't busy, the park ranger was extremely adamant about us not gaining entrance until 2pm, a bit of an inconvenience but after a trip to McDonalds, we were all ready to set up our new home for the night.
A little expensive but $35 bought us a spot steps from the beach and included some beautiful ocean views.
After setting everything up we took a stroll on the beach.

We had a great dinner and then were able to witness some beautiful sunset scenery.

Our enjoyable day was enhanced with a cold beverage.

It was a beautiful full moon and we appreciated the sounds of the ocean during the night but failed to bring our mattress topper for the upper bunk which made it a little uncomfortable for sleeping. It turned out to be chilly but our Mr. Buddy heater kept Brooke nice and cozy so we could wake up and explore more beach action.

This was also another experience charging our new house battery which obviously did well in the sun. As you can see, the batteries were well taken care of in this amazing California sunshine.
Another camping adventure complete, we headed back home with the pleasure of enjoying the ocean in our memories. I leave you now with a few beautiful shots of the sunsets we were lucky enough to experience.