Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Glen Helen

The majority of our camping trips are last minute affairs and deciding where we will go the same day we leave is not uncommon. With that being said, I had heard good reviews about Yucaipa Regional Park. I wasn't able to contact them via telephone but hoped that there would be at least one spot available being a Monday. Of course our previous luck continued and were greeted with a full campground upon arrival. Not thwarted, we journeyed another 40 minutes to Glen Helen campground which had plenty of spots. Arriving at this beautiful lush park we wondered why there were so many campsites available but would soon find out.

The campground itself isn't part of the park but down the street and across the highway in what could best be described as a dirt parking lot with a few trees. As we were already there and it did have water/electricity we decided to make the best of it.

To beat the heat, we all did our thing to cool down.
Brooke played with some water.
Mom hung out in the hammock.
Later, both watched a movie.
We decided it was too hot to start cooking so found this greasy spoon close by where Brooke had her fist quesadilla.
I think she enjoyed it.
Meanwhile, back at the campground, who needs a playground when you have fun rocks to play with/on.
The evening finally brought some cooler weather so we headed off to sleep after the sun went down.

I should admit that the campground was the cleanest we have been to and had a host that literally spent 8 hours in the heat picking up scraps of dirt, leaves, and anything else that looked out of place. Before heading home we passed by the park to enjoy what it had to offer.
Brooke took in a little stroll by the pond.

I was able to hone my disc golf skills

With the help of my caddy.
Although this most likely won't be a campground to revisit, I believe we made the best out of what could have been a disagreeable day off.