Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Silverwood Lake

With over a month of not camping and my wife having two days off in a row, we decided to visit Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area. This large reservoir in San Bernardino County is the highest in the California State Water Project at 3,350 ft and quite a site to behold!
Arriving early Monday morning the campground was fairly empty and we had our pick of several great sites.

Another reason we chose this location was due to the altitude in hopes of avoiding the record breaking heat. It turned out we were unsuccessful as temperatures were over 100 during the day so we headed down to the lake to cool off.

Then it was nap time for Brooke in her new playpen.
After waking up and having a snack with mom, it was back to the lake again

Then we set up the camper for "night mode". Brooke now sleeps nice and protected in the area behind the rear seats which worked well despite the heat from the day.
We slept upstairs and felt bad as it was pretty comfortable and cool with the night breeze coming in through the 3-window tent.
Morning time breakfast for Brooke.
We chose to have our breakfast by the lake before leaving.

Finally, some parting shots of this beautiful area on our drive home